Struggling to make a part in orcad

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mike _Jacobs

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so normally i use the model import wizard in model editor for orcad/pspice

In this case, i am trying to make a model from an IBIS model provided by the manufacturer. Model editor provides an IBIS translator.
In this case, the part is a quad line driver


After the ibis conversion is done, i get two sub cirucits in model editor. One is called CMOS_in_typ the other is called RS422_Out_typ

When i click next it wants me to associate a symbol for each subcircuit. I dont understand? Why would i want two different symbols for a single part?
Looking at the sub circuits. the pins dont even make sense. One of them has "input, output, enable" and the other has "input"
That does not even make sense for a line driver?

Can anyone lend a hand?