Struggling to drive a stepper motor


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That's usually what people want to do with them....
Well, that is a unipolar motor. The L298 is for bipolar motors.
4-wire motors are bipolar. 6-wire motors are unipolar. 8-wire motors can be run as either bipolar or unipolar.
It is possible to use a 6-wire unipolar motor as a bipolar motor, but that doubles the voltage required - you are better off to use it as a unipolar motor.
You did not tell us what the voltage of the motor is.

Here is a great resource for you:
Please read through all of that information, at least twice.

As far as helping you more; I most likely will not be able to do that for a period of time. I am having heart surgery in the morning, and will be recovering from that for several weeks. I don't know if I will have access to the Internet, AND feel like helping people too.

Perhaps someone else will help you.
SGT, Best of luck and hope you make a fast recovery. Take it easy man!

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i have made this stepper motor driver..the diodes which i have used are fast recovery diodes(2A)..but this is not working..l298 becomes hot..i have 6-wired motor its common windings are not connected to anything..remaining 4 wires are connected to the circuit..applied volttage is it enuff???..HELP..