STM32 Nucleo GPIOs, 5V Tolerant?

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Xavier Pacheco Paulino

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I will use the STM32L432KC nucleo board to perform some tasks. STM32 users know that this is 3.3V microcontroller. One of the tasks is to read a speed optical sensor which output a 5V square wave. I read in the datasheet that STM32L4 GPIO is 5V tolerant. But I just wonder if anyone here has worked with 5V signals on STM32.


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Looking more closely, that particular chip has some caveats:

"This formula has to be applied only on the power supplies related to the IO structure described by the pin definition table. Maximum I/O input voltage is the smallest value between Min(VDD, VDDA, VDDUSB)+3.6 V and 5.5V."

So, if your minimum input voltage (3.3 in your case) + 3.6V >= 5.0 V. Just make sure you don't use the TT_xx I/O as those are max VDDIOx+0.3.

Seems straight forward otherwise. You could implement a simple FET level shifter if you're paranoid.