STM32 Nucleo and mbed

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Hello everybody and thanks always.

This time I would like to ask if someone has tried mbed to program a STM32 Nucleo board.

I have one (STM32F091RC) and I have used mbed to program a couple of examples (LED switching, using a button, etc- basic stuff)
Now the programs seem quite simple.

However I have seen (not tried) programs for the STM32 architecture, and although they are understandable (I am quite fair at C I think), they are much more complex than the ones in mbed. They usually require input/output initialization, etc which is not something I am complaining about since I can do it, but it calls my attention

Why are the mbed programs so simple?

Can I do serious development with that platform??

Any other experience with mbed or STM32?

Thanks in advance


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Hey, thanks for the link.

It actually led me to maybe an answer to my own query (about flash memory library).

mbed has a hal for the NOR memory interface I was looking for.