Steps for Running and Calibrating the Stepper Motor in LabView

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Hi Friends,

Currently, I am working on the Stepper motor + Encoder system for my application.
Stepper Model is as Follow: STM23Q-3AE

Commands Type : A. Motion Command B. Configure Command C. Servo Command D. Communication command E. IO command

Command Mode: A. NV B. Read Only C. Write Only D. Intermediate

Initial Problem:
I tried to follow the initial as step as :
a. Create basic program on the LabVIEW to check the response of the motor. Program is quite simple and easy to follow. ( I enclosed the file)
b. I started with the Configure Command: Well it worked! , I started initially with the Configure Command Like ME(Motor Enable) and Later on with AC (Accelerate motor 25 rev/sec). But even with my basic command, I cant able to see any motion on the motor shaft. Its like stall or something I am not sure of it.
c. Is there any basic way to check the motor is working properly. any suggestion will be really helpful.

Kind Regards