Star Wars


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Ditto. Maybe we'll finally find out why storm troopers can't hit the broadside of a barn with their weapons!

I can vividly remember the shock and awe of that opening scene in the very first film, where the big ship passes over you from behind. Been watching all the movies ever since, and I made sure my kids saw them all, too.

My grandson (just 2) was running around the other day muttering "choop choop". His dad was playing with him with a light saber from the second-hand store, and he loves the toy without ever seeing the movies yet. Anyway, we eventually realized that a "choop choop" was the storm trooper toy he had seen in the stores before Christmas. They had shiny plastic replicas of Darth Vader and a storm trooper about 18" tall. He knew there was a connection between light sabers, Darth Vader, and thus the choop choop. At 2.

So yeah, we'll be in line for tickets.


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I am a huge Star Wars fan which is why I'm a bit worried about the new one--I'm not sure I like that Disney bought the rights to it and made it :(


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One of our IT guys has a room dedicated to collectables and is a huge StarWars Fan. He left for the convention in California Wednesday.

One of our older Theater professors found out and just gave him a Darth Vader Lunch box the day he left; it's waiting for him on his desk. Last year I fixed his Darth Vader Toaster lol

I just enjoy science fiction; as long as there is enough science in the fiction. If not it's absurd.

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Hard to guess that I'd be a fan... ;) in 1977 we Marines stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, SC got to see Episode IV a week before the general public - there was a great deal of hooting and hollering going on, and our F-4J Phantom jets got some especially hard-flown hours on them immediately afterwards... yep, I'm looking forwards to this next installment.


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