Stacking toroidal transformers & running wire in the middle to get parallel amperage?

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I have lots of torroidal transformers, 7 720VA, 6 1500VA and lots of others I'd like to play with. The ones I mentioned are identical, well I have 2 diff sets, each set are identical.

I saw a guy doing a test online taking 0 gauge wire and running it through the center and wrapping it around the outside like 3-5 times to get very high current, low voltage.

I'm wondering if I can do the same by stacking 7 of the 720VA transformers and run wire through the middle of each of them and do 3-10 turns (always passing back through the center).

I really haven't checked the winding voltages of these. There are 2 same gauge wires red/black and they are smaller gauge. Then there are a red, white, blue of probably 3-4x the gauge, I haven't checked continuity with these yet as I figure I'd probably just use the 120v red/black inputs. What I don't know is if the other windings (of the 3 other wires red, white, blue) will interfere with anything even if they aren't hooked up with anything. I figure they won't but I just don't know for sure.

Also when stacking the transformers, how perfect do they need to be aligned? can they be loosley stacked or should I take some thing string and "weave" the transformers so they create a tall fairly solid structure like a cylinder with a hole in the middle

I'd just try this out myself but the idiots who cut the transformers out of the equipment cut the leads as close to the transformer winding as possible b/c insulated wire brings in $.82/lb vs $.13-.18/lb for transformers - so they get ~25grams of ins wire - so they make 3.6 cents by almost destroying the transformer (and we deal with 1000's per month that could be used...)

So before i preform major surgery on these transformers, I'd like to know if this even has a chance of working.