Stackable Battery Management System(BMS); Automotive grade

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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I want to design an stackable automotive grade BMS which can go upto 800V & so. Recently I have made a 48V/100A system but it is not stackable and automotive grade.
New BMS should have below features:
1. Programmable OverVoltage/Undervoltage protections
2. Programmable over-current/short circuit protections
3. Programmable Over Temperature/under Temperature protections
4. SOC/SOH calculations
5. Digital communications (Smbus, Rs485)
6. Stackable to high voltages.
7. Charge/Discharge protections through mosfets
8. Current sensing using Shunt resistors
9. Passive balancing

Optional features:
1. Current sensing using Hall effect sensor
2. Protections using Relays/Contractors
3. Digitial COmmunication CAN
4. Active balancing 1A or higher

What are ASIC solutions avialble or what solution is best.
I have looked through many BMS asic like:
1. LT,Maxim,Fujistu & TI: All asic are for voltage/balancing only. All the programming part for reading voltage & balance commands are to be done by designer. Also SOC calculations algorithm need to be developed separately.

2. NXP has IC MC33771. Its under NDA. I am in process of getting its NDA. Initially looks like it has gauge sensing also. But all the algo needs to be developed by designer. But I can say more only after reading complete datasheet.

In above I dont understand when ASIC is to be used, why so much programming part has to be done by designer. It should be in IC only. Bq76PL116 was once such device. But now its NRND & it was stackable upto 16S only

3. Also I found another company named " ". It has IC EL01 & El02. On initial reading it looks like this is what I am looking for . They have all algos inbuilt.
A) But I havent heard of this company before. Anyone knows about this company?
B) They have detailed comparison of chips also:


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What you are asking for is help with a cutting edge technology problem.
This is beyond the realm of a simple electronics forum.