Spindle PC Board help

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I have an Intellicarve 1013 CNC machine and am replacing the GEE code based controller with a stand alone DDCS controller that will accept normal Gcode. I have replaced all of the stepper drivers and have the machine moving in all 3 axis. I am having trouble figuring out the control of the spindle. I would like to use the original spindle control board. The board as previously wired has power input (CN7), motor output 3 wire (CN2) motor output 5 wire (CN7) and signal input 4 wire (CN4). I am confused on CN4 and waht signals I need to send to the board to get the spindle to turn on. I assume two of the pins are just to turn it on, and two are to control the spindle speed. I'm not sure how to send these signals from my new controller and if four all even necessary. The controller allows analog spindle control 0-10V spindle control which can be modified as PWM output

The pins for CN4 are labeled Ve, EN, Oe, Ge, Ow, as seen in the image below there are 5 labels for the 4 pins.

Thanks for any advice, even if it's replace the spindle and and control board and just get a VFD