Speakers exceed impedance limitation (even in Parallel/series). Is there a formula including parts?

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    Mar 26, 2016
    The amps impedance limitation is 8-16 ohms and 2 channels, 200W max. Speakers/load consists of one 4 ohm, W? (Aprox.75W im
    guessing, it's a 15" bass stage performance with no specs). 1 -4-speaker (parallel/series connection )w/8 ohm 15W total equivalency, one 2-channel passive crossover w/specific properties: SUBWOOFER: Sensitivity-88db/1Watt/1 meter, Impedance:4-8 ohms, Watts-200 RMS. SATELLITES: Sensitivity-88DB/1Watt/1meter, Imp.-4-8 ohms, Watts-60 RMS 120 peak. This crossovers subwoofer out put is specifically designed for the 2 subwoofer speakers connected to it (Satellite output is open to connect load). As well, I have 2 3-way passive crossovers that I am including in my setup (don't know if that would have an effect on impedance and W). 3 - Tweeters of unknown properties (they are quality automotive tweeters). Could you please advise me a bit, I'm trying to keep digital out of this obviously. I have an insane passion in music and it's creation and mixing/editing. So any help would be appreciated. Links, tables, formulations, components needed, the slightly wrong but ok way to do it ( I do not believe in settling for less in audio but my budget does, lol), anything. If I can assist you in relevance to computer engineering in return, then HELP ME PLEASE. Thank you.
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    What are you trying to achieve? Can you draw a diagram of what you want?

    It sounds like you have a heap of random, poorly specified components and you want to connect them all together, this is not how loudspeaker systems are designed and there is no magic formula that will make it all ok.

    There have been many books written on the subject of loudspeaker system design so that is a good place to start, the subject is too big to cover on a forum like this.
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    It's a little confusing about what you have exactly and how you want them to go together.
    Can you post a diagram of all of them and how you want them connected?
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    I never saw an audio amp that had just two outputs(unless stereo), and that required anyone to figure such things out.

    What are you trying to figure out?

    Are you trying to connect a bunch of different size speakers to an audio output, to get a really neat audio speaker?

    "in relevance to computer engineering in return"

    Can you restate and clear up your post?