Speaker with Recorded Playback:

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Hello and Good Day all,

New member here, I'm trying to figure out how to make / purchase something like this and if anyone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

I'm looking for a speaker that will play a recording upon startup, (12v power source). For example, some vehicles CD-players have a boot-up / boot-down audio tune. I'm looking to create a customizable tune already preloaded into a speaker/recorder that will play when switched on / powered on. It only needs to play once and not on-loop.

The closest thing I've found is a audio-programmable wireless door-bell ringer, but I would like to have something hard-wired and not battery operated and perhaps on a toggle switch. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,


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There are numerous solutions. Do you want off-the-shelf, or are you OK putting something together? Also what's your budget?

Here are just two of the many electronic parts of the equation, add any speaker you want:


Combine with a one-shot timer to play one sound once.

If you want something more finished, and depending on the volume (number of parts) you need, jump on Alibaba or Aliexpress. There are companies that make the sound modules for balloons, etc.. with custom sound clips. I'm sure they can either make the whole thing for you, or provide the sound part that you can combine with some sort of one-shot timer.


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Exactly what I was going to recommend and Eric beat me to it. It can be hardwired instead of button-operated, an exterior switch can be used. It has a microphone so you can record what you want and one of the buttons will put it into continuous loop mode if you want to put it on a timer for longer play. An amplifier on the output if you want it louder. It is just a nice basic module that can be the heart of the system. Much cheaper if you buy them directly from china using aliexpress. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32579805963.html