Speaker selector backwards?

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Julian Whitfield

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Could anyone tell me if it is possible to use a six way speaker selector box in reverse?

I would like to switch between six monitor(headphone) feeds into one set of headphones.

For use in a recording studio so the engineer can switch his headphones between 6 musicians
indépendant headphone feeds to adjust their mixes.

I'm thinking wire the six headphone feeds into the six speaker outputs and engineers headphones
into the main left right input so in effect using the unit backwards.

many thanks


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It's not very clear just what it does or what the 'protection' consists of but I can't see that you will damage anything by trying it.


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Yes, providing the selector box is only switches.
If it's got any other circuitry in there then all bets are off.
Not even if it is all switches. It is likely to short together two or more of your sources if you use it in reverse, or even try to put two outputs in series, if it indeed matches impedance.

Edit: Can you at least show us the function of the box. How many speaker outputs does it have, and what are the 6 positions?