Sourcing wireless/induction charge-able batteries

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Hi all -
I'm prototyping an invention wherein I'd like to have a very small (300 mAh 7.4V LiPo is the plan) battery that can be powered via the commonly available wireless charging methods that have proliferated recently.

Its easy to find the chargers (i.e. the 'source' of power), like this one from IKEA, but I am getting stumped trying to purchase the battery/'sink' end. Really all I think I need is the actual inductance coil and perhaps whatever "battery management system" needed to safely charge a LiPO battery.

If I had to, I suppose I break apart an old Sonicare toothbrush or something and harvest the battery/coil/BMS from that....but sure would be nice to supply it more directly.

Forgive any newbie mistakes in my terminology. Definitely not an electronics whiz, but learning as I go....