Sony Dav-SR2 High pitch ocscillation on power up.

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I have a Sony DAV-SR2 Home Entertainment system that has served me well for over 20 plus years but it has suddenly developed an annoyingly high pitched oscillation noise on start up but eventually rises to above "I guess" hearing range.
After 20 plus years I'm guessing it's a bad electrolytic capacitor problem on one of the outputs on the SMPS power supply, however
when the DVD player is chosen and in use there is no noise but all the other inputs when chosen i.e. >VIDEO/TV/SAT/AM/FM< emit this high pitch noise, so I assume the problem is on the supply side of the Audio decoder chips, am I wrong?
I would have attached a pdf of the service manual and sound file of the high pitch noise but this site does not allow it.
Thank you in advance for any help, it will be very much appreciated
Regards Lostfollicles