Some help finding the right IDC connector PLEASE!

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I am looking for a connector or adapter for days but I am lost and unable to find it.

Basically I need a connector that can connect to a 50 contact IDC male plug, but this connector needs to again be a male connector so that I can use the male pins that come out of it. So it's an IDC connector with one side female and the other side male.

Preferably I need the male side to be of the wire wrap kind, with the long pins. But if that is not possible I can do with short pins. I have attached pictures of my board that shows the male IDC sockets and the sockets I am looking for need to connect to...

The photo shows 4 boards. Each has a row with 3 IDC sockets. The sockets I am looking for need to connect to those sockets, and be male so I can again use the pins...

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You've provided very little useful information:
50 contacts, IDC, all genders and a blurry picture. It seems like maybe you're looking for a breakout or extender.

You might be able to see a manufacturer's name, logo, series or part number on the existing connector. Sometimes it will be on the side towards the board and unreadable while assembled.

Usual characteristics for description are: type (wire to wire, wire to board, board to board, etc.), contact pitch, contact size and shape, contacts male or female, connector body male or female (plug or socket).