[SOLVED]What type of motor is it ?

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I've got one motor in junkyard but no model number written on it. I don't have any idea how to check if its working or not working

Can anyone tell What type of motor is it ? How many volts needs to run this motor ?



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That appears to be a permanent magnet DC motor, sometimes called “toy motors”.

There is no way to tell from that photo how many volts it expects but the general range for something that size would be 1.5 to 9VDC.

Connect a battery to the terminals on the end opposite the shaft. It might not start spinning until it gets above 3 volts or so.

Normally, such motors have a wide operating range and as long as they don’t get too hot they will work fine with higher than expected voltage with a reduced life.


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Looks like something i've seen come out of a battery powered toothbrush or a rechargeable shaver. May work just fine on 3V (2 AA batteries).

That nib at the end of the shaft - - - you can likely pull that off if you don't need it. Without it the motor will run smoother.