solid state Rely for Motorcycle Ignition

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First off i am no electrical engineer. I have a rudimentary understanding of electronics. I am so glad i found a forum like this. I have been trying to solve this problem for a week and hope that everyone here can help.
I am working on converting my motorcycle ignition to key less. I have found someone that has done this and have built his circuit and it does function.
See attached image of schematic
You see i have marked relay with an arrow. What seems to happen is since the relay coil is not active when the bike is on it seems that vibration will cause the relay to open breaking the circuit and shutting the bike down.
I know the relays i used are not automotive relays( I couldnt not find any DTDP specifically for automotive application)
I did how ever change out the relay with arrow with just a automotive relay to see if that would help and it didn't. The other relays are uxcell LY2N

The brain of the operation is
DEI Passive Automotive Keyless Entry System
The unit pulse to ground to lock and unlock.

How can i solve this vibration issue?
Solid state Relay?

I greatly appreciate any help.