Solid state relais as a kill switch for 4S 100 Amp LiPo setup

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Currently i am working on a electric Sup Board, based on two brushless motors, two ESC's and a Arduino Wemos to control the board.
I want to make a kill switch for a 4S 14,8 Volt max 100 Amp setup with a Lithium Polymer battery setup.
A lanyard with a magnet and a reed relais in the casing makes the kill switch. 100 Amp through a reed relais would be impossible.
Is it possible to use a solid state Dc - Dc relais to cut off the high current when taken the input away ?
I realize when shutting down by the kill switch, the solid state relais will step down, and with the amount of current it will need cooling.

Anybody tried this before with LiPo's or have any experience with solid state Dc - Dc relais ?