Solid State Clone

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    How would you like to buy transistors.......that were identical? Or diodes....or op-amps....or any IC chip?

    And all the sisters in a solid state family were exactly the same. The hole structure.....the barrier structure.....the capacitance......resistance.....gain and bandwidth. The data sheets would not list ranges of specs........but only had one constant spec.

    Imagine how this would change electronics. Simulators would always be correct. And when you designed a would work exactly as the math predicts. A really true mathematical science.

    Think of all the prototyping that would not be necessary. Think of how easy electronics would be to learn. It would certainly take the "art"out of it. It would become very exact. And with that exactness......other parts manufacturers would have to become more precise. Resistors, caps and coils would have standard exact specs also.

    They say they have done this in the lab........and possibly in the future.......mass manufacture of these devices. Taking the imperfections out of solid state devices.....can reduce power requirements by multitudes. electronics.
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    There would still be all the other components that don't appear on schematics. Every wire connecting the components together has inductance, capacitance and resistance with values that depend on the construction method, materials, and layout.
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    Yes that's what i thought too as i read it :)

    I think the trend though might be turning to pure optics. That will not require wires except maybe to connect to the outside world, at least until that all becomes optics too. Imagine a 'light enabled' USB port, where we plug our optical USB stick into and transfer data. The speeds would be so much higher than we have now i cant even describe how fast. A cpu would act like a super computer.

    This is just one article out of many:

    Maybe better:
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