Soldering Tips For Cell Phone Repair

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Hey all, new member here and also new to the world of soldering so please do not hurt me too much. I have a quick question regarding soldering a new volume rocker ribbon cable.

I have removed and cleaned up the 3 contact pads on the board in preparation for the new part. Currently there is no solder on the contact pads on the board and none on the ribbon cable as well.

My question is, do I lay down some solder on the board before the ribbon cable or do I lay the solder on top of the cable, or both?

For example lay a bead of solder on the contact pad and place the ribbon cable on top and use my iron to melt the solder underneath the ribbon. If that makes sense.. Attached are the two parts I am working with.

Thank you for all the help in advance!

s-l1600 (3).jpg

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Your idea is possible but be sure the cable is heat resistant to the temp of the soldering iron.
Or if you have a hot air blower and try that way.