Soldering station comparaison

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Hi ,i need help .I want to buy a new soldering station .
Im a hobbyist looking for cheap but good and versatily for the price.
I found 2 station
1 .BAKU 110V 2 in 1 Original Design Dual LED Digital Displays SMD Rework Soldering Station Iron Welder Hot Air Gun (BK-878L2)

2.FX888D-29BY Digital Soldering Station (FX888, FX-888D)
So i know that the hakko is better but its more expensive but the other one give me a hot air gun .
So i need you judgment to telle me could be the best to hobby around


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The knockoff Hakko stations are often trash and sometimes even dangerous. I wouldn’t buy one, it is false economy. If you want a very good value, and something that can use actual Hakko tips of the modern, internally heated typed, this is an excellent product:

KSGER T12 Soldering Station OLED STM32 V2.01 T12 Iron Tips Sting FX9501 Handle Temperature Controller Welding Tools FX9501 Handle Electric Soldering Iron Kits CNC Aluminum Alloy Case T12-K ILS JL02


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I have the hakko fx-888d and so far I like it. You can get one of the many 858D hot air stations for under $50. I have this one and it gets the job done fine. Temperature could be a little more stable, but I've used it to replace a handful of SMD chips so far and it worked fine.


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I would also go with the hakko. they are good and reliable. I have had a similar one for a couple years now with no issues, and have also used the fx-888d plenty of times with no complaints. They are quite great for hobbyists.


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Just to be clear, the KSGER station I recommended is an exceptional value, and while I wouldn't trade my Hakko 951 for it, I would trade my Hakko 888D.

It can use Hakko tips of the internally heated sort, it has excellent functionality, and that particular handpiece has the quick replacement arrangement with no screw on collar.

It is a very nice station, and approximates the 951, people really like it a lot.