Solder Stencil Printing

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I am finally at the point of trying to stencil print solder paste and have watched or read a lot of tutorials and threads on the subject. One example:

For those that have done it, did you use tape and so forth or a stencil printer? If a stencil printer, was it of commercial quality or one of the many DIY types that are about $70 USD delivered such as this:

Any opinions how whether a printer helps for one offs.

Stencil is SS, 4 mil from Oshstencil, no frame
Components are: 805 size; MCU is 44-pin TQFP (0.8 mm pitch); smallest pitch is 0.5 mm for an FPC connector with exposed pins (Molex)
Solder paste: Kester EP256 (leaded)
PCB: Oshpark purple

I am hoping for the best with the Molex connector, but chose the specific one being used, because I have hand soldered it with success.