Solar panel light control

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Ok, So I have been working on a circuit that will keep lights turned off for as long as the solar panel is "charging" I am doing this with a PNP transistor. Originally the circuit worked great but the lights flickered like crazy when the sun started to go in so I added an NE555 IC to the circuit, I have tested this as a stand alone and works as expected. I have it set for a 10 second delay to try and stop the flickering. It should work great, but every time I power up the circuit the base of the PNP transistor is getting power and I know it isn't unwanted solder or anything like that. I have spent countless hours troubleshooting this one and I am baffled.

Here is the circuit.

Any insight here would be greatly appreciated as I am baffled.

The transister alone worked, the circuit alone works but combined they do not. I know it is something simple that I have done.



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Post a schematic, so that we have a better idea of the intended ciruit function and for comparison with your layout. No track breaks under R2, Q1, D2?