solar garden light components

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I'm willing to make solar lamps DIY. I saw some vids on youtube that use low watt LED lamps (0.5w).
for this purpose they use led driver with operating voltage of 0.9-1.5 volts
and output current of 3mA-300mA
(driver name - QX5252F)
also, they use 33uH inductor and 2V solar pannel

now.. I want to use at least 1.5w led lamp, 12V. what changes should I make regarding the components?



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There’s no reason you can’t scale up the concept, however the boost circuit will be tricky. The chips used in all those devices are not meant for 12V, so you can’t use them. You’ll need to build your own joule thief circuit (look it up) with appropriately scaled components to support the higher power of the LED. Your panel voltage will need to be higher, probably at least 6V or so.

The commercial ICs also have an integral darkness sensor to turn the LED circuit on. You’ll probably want that function as well.