Software to draw quality electronics circuits for papers purposes?

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Xavier Pacheco Paulino

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Where can I draw electronics circuits like the one attached? I mean, those cute circuits that you find in datasheets and papers. I heard of Latex, even though I don't have experience using it. But I realized Latex doesn't have all symbols. Any suggestions?



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Any decent schematic editor should do.

I remember the days when circuits in schematics were drawn by a draftsman using ink pens, straight edges, and templates. I was required to take a drafting class when I was in college.

The best schematic editor in the world will still allow you to draw lousy schematics. Well drawn schematics are more art than engineering.


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I haven't seen very many schematic editors that can produce presentation-quality graphics. The old MicroSim Schematic Editor was pretty decent in this regard if you selected the proper display options.

One that produces very nice graphics is Scheme-it (free online from DigiKey).

Visio, AutoCAD, and many other graphics tools have libraries, plug-ins, and what-not that can produce high-quality graphics.

But with most of the quality-graphics approaches you get pretty pictures, but lose the ability to generate functional netlists.