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I recently joined an institution. They have an intranet (just only internet is being shared currently). I am the only software Developer across the entire institute (But many Hardware Engineers are present). I know only to program within a single PC by programming VBA or through any other software tools. Here the requirements are very less and much simpler when comes to a single pc. But my Bosses (Not a single Boss) want me to make an LMS (Leave Management System) available though out the institute. This requirement is also very very simple. The problem is, I never got exposure to a network of PCs so far. Never have touched a server tool like SharePoint server or Microsoft Exchange Server or any other utilities like these.

The requirement is simple:
Employees have to open a webpage (intranet or cloud may be) in a "Browser". It has to show a number (number of available leaves left for them to avail. Nothing else). I know we just need Label control (caption) and change it dynamically after assessing who is operating the PC wherever the browser is being operated.

Please advise...

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It would seem that your bosses need to hire someone that has the qualifications needed to do the task -- and that someone doesn't sound much like you.

My guess is you have a few options. First, you can tell your bosses that you simply do not have the right experience and skills to do that particular task in a proficient and timely manner and that they should consider contracting it out to someone that does -- and come prepared with the names of three individuals or companies that you have already contacted and that indicate that they can do the job and for how much. If your bosses are any good, what they will see is an employee that puts the company first and focuses on solving the company's problems properly. Second, you can tell your bosses that you don't currently have the knowledge and skills to design and implement a solution quickly, but if they are more interested in saving money in exchange for a possibly crude, but hopefully workable, solution and if they can be very understanding on how long it might take to get it implemented, than you are willing to start learning the skills and developing a system as you learn. It could well be that that is good enough -- that this is something that they want, but don't need immediately, and that crude is fine, as long as it is cheap, and that having it be a project on which you can gain skills that will be useful down the road is also worthwhile. Third, you can bluff your way along for a while, trying to make them think that you know everything, until it crashes and burns around you. You can probably figure out the result of that option.


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Research "LAMP" or "WAMP", as in Linux/Windows - Apache - MySQL - PHP.

This is the approach I'd use for a quick and dirty solution.

In the old days, when I was an employee, I'd never tell my boss I didn't know how to do something. I'd just figure out how to do it and get it done.


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You've been set up to fail.

Even if you manage to put together something that "works", feature creep, scaling, and security concerns are going to make it into the kind of legacy system that will make future maintainers curse your name.

Run from it. You aren't going to come out ahead here. You don't have the knowledge, experience, or technical agility to succeed and your bosses are proving themselves to be incompetent technical managers, whatever good qualities they might otherwise have.

In your situation I would explain that the problem seems simple but it is actually very complex because of the cross-platform nature and data integrity concerns it raises. Suggest, instead, that you purchase something already built for the purpose. You can do the research and possibly implement it—but I would strongly recommend that be along side a consultant with subject matter expertise.

This is too far outside you (current) abilities, and you do no-one any favors by trying to bluff your way through it. If your job really depends on doing this, you need to find a new one. This is the leading edge of a nightmare, and unless you work out how to say "I can't do that, but..." it will only get worse.

Try out the idea of buying something with you leading the project. Even though that is already asking for some trouble, it doesn't look like the Titanic steaming towards the iceberg. Learn how to use your position to include other people's expertise as part of your work. Show them willingness to solve the problem, but also how their proposed solution is not tenable.

I certainly don't mean to spread doom and gloom, I am just passing on what I have learned from a long career in institutional IT, as a consultant, and as a boss. Were I you, knowing what I know, I would do everything in my power to avoid writing this. If you can't then tell them you need training and get formal instruction in web development and DBMS applications.

If you can't either get them to buy something, or get them to send you to training, and they still insist that your write this application or be fired, in all seriousness, I would quit before that could happen.

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It would be nice to have a short summary of what technical solution you implemented, just to wrap this up. I'd be interested to know.
  1. Built a Query in Ms Access named: "Leave Balance"
  2. Created an WebForm using named: "Leaves.aspx"
  3. Dragged a DataGrid control bound it to a datasource leading to: "Leave Balance"
  4. Published it on IIS.
  5. Done :)