SMD Single Inverter Gate - ThroughHole Alternative?

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Basic Question:

Is there a through hole version / alternative for the Texas Instruments SN74LVC1G04 Single Inverter / Non-Inverting Buffer/Driver?

These IC's only come in sot-23 or sot-70 packages and are obviously very hard to solder.

(I will attach the datasheet)
(But here is a link also)

Product website:


I have used the obvious websites to find similar components but I cannot seem to find any with all the exact specs. I'm just not sure which specifications don't matter...

More Info: ( not sure if you're more info is needed but this is what this inverter is being used for)

This signal inverter is being used for a radio-controlled transmitter protocol. Some older RC radio controllers aren't able to handle the 400k baud rate of newer protocols and by installing this inverter IC fixes this issue. By removing a specific transistor on the radio PCB and installing this inverter fixes this issue. Some of these older radios are only capable of 115200baud and this allows them to handle 400000baud.

Until recently us hobbyists were able to purchase these inverters pre-soldered to break out boards for easy soldering but lately have become unavailable.


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I think the answer is no, especially from TI. This is understandable because such parts (thru-hole) are seldom used in manufacturing anymore. It has been more than two decades since the transition to SMT began. You might be able to find a similar part from another manufacturer, but your chances of success appear to be rapidly approaching a very low order of probability.