Small Powerful actuators

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    Jan 21, 2013
    I am considering building a kind of heavy duty endoscope. I want something may be 50mm diameter or less that can be pushed for may be 10m into rough hole and it needs to be flexible enough to negotiate angles of up to 90 degrees in all directions.

    The initial approach I am considering is to have a powered head around 1m in length that can bend/rise/fall to get round obstacles and push that into the hole with a stiff cable. A camera on the end will allow the operator to see the obstacles and actuate the head so that it can maneuvered. I'm thinking that the head will be sectional, say 50mm sections and each section will be able to rotate in 3 dimensions.

    I don't have a massive budget but what I am looking for is suggestions for ways of making the sections of the head move. I can see a few options, such as putting linear actuators in each head segment, using hydraulics and valves with a power pack at the far end, etc. However I am not convinced that the cheaper options (such as RC Servos) will be powerful enough to drive a camera and lighting.

    So are there any other suggestions for small, powerful and cheap actuators?