Small Petrol/gasoline inverter generators - basic electrics

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I was reading an old thread and got the following message:
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I am expanding my knowledge into inverter generators
I have been given a GS 2000 240Volt inverter generator. Motor works well, overload light is on and no AC output.
From reading to date I must assume the Inverter Module is dead.
What is bewildering is the price of these modules cost as much as the entire generator.
Also every component is embedded in epoxy.
There are affordable modules on ebay. Most 2000 watt units have an input voltage of 380V DC.
So before I start fiddling and buying i need to educate myself a bit.
If someone could point to a source that provides basic info on the electrics of inverter generators.

This GS 2000 appears to have a multi phase alternator-voltage regulator- rectifier- inverter module

Searching internet mostly returns info on fixing motors and dumping the generator once the inverter module is discovered to be dead.