Single phase to three phase transformer

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I have a hydraulic clicker press that runs on three phase. The workshop i have has single phase. What kind of transformer do i need to use for this piece of machinery? The motor is 1.5 horsepower and runs at 1430 rpm.
I'm trying to find the cheapest way of doing this!



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A VFD for the 3ph motor, Huanyang are the cheapest but not the ideal quality, Hitachi are a reliable second for a little more cost.


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The best down and dirty design I know of that also lets you have full rated power of your three phase motor while on single phase is this. It's been close to 20 years now since I designed and refined it and I have built too many to count now. Most still running on original parts too! :cool:

For a 1.5 HP hydraulic pump motor you would only need two ~15 uF run capacitors, a 100 - 150 uf start capacitor and a voltage sensing relay. All common items you can get at most any HVAC shop or online.


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I spent way more time than I should trying to decipher their twisted version of Modbus control that it also has.
I've been intending to learn (or use) modbus for a long time. But the truth is I see no reason to discard a standard uart network (be it rs232/485/422) if it is installed correctly and its protocol well and robustly programmed between devices.


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It was not the transmission medium but the S/W coding protocol, a form of Modbus.
The system can be set for RTU (2x4bit hex) or ASCII.
Actually I used RS232 from a PIC with a $3 convertor to RS485 to communicate with the VFD, you can use whatever you want for Modbus.