Single phase to three phase current ratings for Circuit

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Question - I have 3 single phase (220v) solar inverters, each of 5KW output, each feed into a three phase supply (to my house)
Each inverter is on a 32a 220v trip switch.
Question- what size trip switch should I use for the three phase trip that supplies these inverters? I am confused by this a bit.
i think the 4 pole breaker in my schema electric should be 16a?
Answer and explaination appreciated:)42BCBF50-5CCD-4951-A709-74128D6B3A35.jpeg


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3 single phase invertors do not make a 3 Phase invertor. The Synchronisation and Phase difference is to be maintained. Is it being done?

You question is not clear. How does "3 Phase" trip "supplying" the invertors come about? Is'nt the supply DC?


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What is the conductor gauge you are using, the wiring size current rating should not be of a lessor value than the means of protection!


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You show you have three 1ph circuits, Each with a 32a load, therefore, any disconnect prior to the this should be at least of equal sizing. 32A.