Single phase Inverter Design Formulation

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Kunal Kaushikkumar Shah

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I am working on 400W, 120Vac, 60Hz-Single Phase Inverter Design (DC-AC), so I need to know where can I find design formulation for it. I searched but didn't find any relevant information.
Design formulation-
1.Gate pulses to the MOSFETs.
2.Input and Output Filter Design.
3.Control loop for Inverter.

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Kunal Kaushikkumar Shah

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Your request is very broad. Perhaps these two designs will be of use.

800 VA Single Phase Inverter Reference Design

Sine Wave inverter for photovoltaic applications

Thank you for your reply.
I have looked at those documents before but it doesn't specify anything on how to design a filter or generate PWM gating signal using some formula.
Also, how do I set the modulation index, Amplitude of reference signal (sinusoidal) and amplitude of carrier l signal (triangular waveform) in order to get-
Vout=120Vac, Pout=400W, Fo=60Hz.
Vinput= 170Vdc.