simulated and measured Eon, Eoff and Erevreq for Double Pulse Test conducted on MOSFET

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I conducted DPT on AUIRFP4568 MOSFET in the lab as well as in LTSpice. But with the same setup used in lab, i recreated same in LTspice using spice model of MOSFET but behaviour i am getting in terms of switching energies is completely diffrent. I am unable to understand why. For example in lab Eon is very much smaller then Eoff but in LTSpice Eoff is very smaller the Eon. Ereq is also roughly 50 percent differnt then measured value. I use same length of pulse, same value of load inductor, same value of Rgon, Rgoff and RG,CG and same Input capacitor bank for 24V switching voltage with switching currents varies from 10A to 60A but i dont know why we dont have any sort of correlation between simulated and maesured value. I dont know what should i do now. Can anyone pls explain what could be the reason? Thanks