Simplify A Capacitors circuit

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Harel Shattenstein

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I have got the this question to evaluate the equivalent capacitor.

I do not understand how they got to the circuit on the right, looking at current is a mass, what is the way to do it?


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I see, but how could I find it from the first place?
First of all, you should see at the supply. As you can see, the bottom of the supply or ( - ) is the refference of this circuit. ( In my picture, it's drawn by a black dot )


As sir Jony130 has already drawn as the blue line ( Btw, sir Jony130 makes it really simple to understand how to get the equivalent circuit ).

After you know which one is the refference, which one is not, you can draw the equivalent circuit ^^ ( See the capacitor, how many capacitor attach to the black dot that i already drew [with my eyes, i can see that there're 6 bottom plate of capacitor attach to my black dot picture], and compare it to the sir Jony130 's picture )

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