Simple Variable DC pulse psu needed

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Hi guys, I need a circuit diagram with component values for a variable pulse power supply please.These are the requirements for it:
Adjustable output from 0-60vdc
output must be clean square wave pulses with adjustable frequency from 1Hz-100KHz/ pulse width adjustable would be great if possible
It must be able to handle 50A max
Input is 220vac
Please guys,I have very limited knowledge on pulse systems and I need a psu like this for my workshop.
If any off you can assist or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.:)


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0.5 V at 50 A is 25 W
60 V at 50 A is 3,000 W

The basic approach would be to build a power supply capable of the max voltage and current, then put something in series with it that gates the power on and off. Turning the supply's output up and down directly, 100,000 times a second, is not an option.

That is a very wide range for a power supply regulator circuit. A linear regulator can do it, but you will have way over 3,000 W of excess heat to reject in the low voltage case. A switcher makes far less heat, but a 120:1 change in the power through the magnetics is going to be very difficult to design for.

My guess is that several people will tel you that that a 3,000 W *anything* is not a good project for someone with "very limited knowledge". Neither is anything running on a 220 Vac power line. Combining those two makes thing worse-cubed. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but the device is dangerous, and would take an experienced designer 6 months to get to the point where it was reliable and safe for someone else to use.