simple, small rgb controller

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hi guys and gals, im looking for suggestions for a small project.. i got this great white rgb lit keyboard, i love the shape and lightning bolt crackle like finish .. as of now it has about 12 lights at the top that use a clear sheet of plastic to make the light travel, it only does 3 colors and the blue it has is just too dark, id really like to make it a softer blue to match my case lights (tho case is now lit in the same hue for the time being)

ok so inside there is a small circuit board that the lights connect to with 4 wires via the kind of connection most rgb lights use.. i was wondering if any of you have an idea of what i could use, just need something small that could run off the power already lighting the lights in the keyboard now.. and a remote that id use to set the color and brightness.. breathing and cycles arnt needed, thanks