Simple P-channel mosfet switch doesn't function


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You’re not the first to one to get a footprint backwards. I use my own pcb cad program, so I have to draw each new footprint. Early on, I sometimes drew it on the bottom layer as if it was on top. Now, I have learned to always draw it top and the program mirrors it if I switch to bottom.



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This 'problem' is not uncommon. It's like the BS170/2N7000 thru-hole situation where the drain and source are swapped. Ask me how I know ;-//


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The only thing the Kicad library "may be good for" is to give you general idea as to what the foot print should look like. Even fancy layout programs like PCAD, Mentor PADS or Altium screw-up generic footprints. You HAVE TO VERIFY not only the footprint but the pin-out as well against the datasheet