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Hello all,
I am in need of a simple control circuit that I am realizing to be more of a challenge for me than I thought! The supply voltage will be about 5V and one push button will be used to control the device. There is also 2 LEDs. LED1 used when supply voltage >2V. LED2 when supply voltage is 2V or less. When the device is off, the button can be pressed and nothing will happen. The button must be pressed 3 times within 1 second for the device to turn on. After pressing the button 3 times, the LED will flash 3 times to signify the device is on. Once on, as soon as the button is pressed, the LED will turn on and the load will be powered (small low temp heater). When button is let go, the LED and load will both turn off. This will continue until the button is pressed 3 times within 1 second turning the device off and also having the LED flash 3 times.
All other components needed are constricted to a diameter of about 1 cm! So any help on how to accomplish this task in the most space saving and cheapest way possible will be greatly appreciated!


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