Siglent scope program on PC ?

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I have Easypower on PC , for my siglent PSU, and that's gives remote control, with a GUI that looks like the PSU. So if you hook the SDS1000X-E series or the AWG SDG2000X series to PC, do they have the full virtual scope/etc on the PC, so that you hook up the scope, sit back and do everything from PC ? Sometimes it hurts my back to be leaning to change buttons all the time.

Or is there only really the instrument interface protocol, and no one has made a proper graphical-user-interface


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The SDS1004X-E (4ch) models can use EasyScopeX for remote control or the much better inbuilt webrowser that also has the device info and a SCPI command screen too. It's a pretty powerful utility allowing for screenshots direct to your browser's download folder in a # of formats including the relatively small default .png screenshots.
The great advantage is you can control the scope entirely with a mouse and/or the virtual keyboard that's available within the scope for many user settings.
A video from the techs in Ohio demonstrating the webrowser usage:

SDG's when using the EasyWaveX SW OTOH have limited remote control capability other than using the SCPI command set or from within EasyWaveX waveform editor by remotely constructing a waveform to be uploaded directly into the AWG so unfortunately there is not a similar remote control UI for these AWG's. However if the scopes Bode plot feature is to be of use to you, the AWG is then entirely controlled from the scope and also accessible from the scopes remote UI.
The X version of EasyWave is quite recent and id quite different from earlier versions and I might not have fully explored it yet so if I get a chance in the next day or so to find anything not mentioned I'll come back with an update.