Siglent oscilloscope decreasing signal ?

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Noticed that my scope, going from 200uS/div to 100 micro-secs/div then the signal reduces by half

why? how to cure?

dunno if can post this : Anyone interested in changing scopes :) or spectrum analyzer for scope (SDS 1104X-E 100MHZ 4 channels)

Feeling generous to trade higher MHZ for this? RF beginner: spectrum analyzer need but broke :(

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Depending on your budget you can get a hack rf one which can both receive and transmit 1MHz to 6GHz for only $320. If you don't need to transmit and you have a limited bandwidth then you can get an rtl-sdr for like $20 on amazon.


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Hi, just joined to help with this.

First you should not be seeing such confusion on this scope and can I ask what firmware version you have installed as the latest V6.1.33 is a very worthwhile upgrade if you don't have it installed.
You can get it here:

Some screenshots showing what you see can help us explain what's going on.

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Had time to grab some screenshots of a 5 KHz sine wave at 200us/div and 100us/div demonstrating what you should see.
Zero issues with amplitude changes: