should the 32 inch led tv need stabilizer or surge protector

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I am a little confused which is needed for the tv. Generally at shops they recommend stabilizers for tv for not damaging tv inner parts.
Recently I was told that modern tv, led tv including , do not need any stabilizers as it is made up to work from a low 110v to 290v globally.
Is it true or tv models are made specific to country. I recently purchased the latest samsung tv led tv 32 inch , so what should i prefer.
I wish to say, that I have phase drip switches, good earthing .
Surge protector so then is the choice , is that correct
Why tv selling dealers insist on buying stablilizers if it is not at all needed and why they do not recommend buying surge protectors instead.
please give me ideas.
If surge protector is needed can i get only one device protected surge protector


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People selling electrical stuff in shops do not normally have a good level of technical knowledge re the products they are selling (otherwise they would not be working in a shop). But often they are commission based on stuff they sell – so when you buy say a TV, they will try to sell you something else.
A favourite in the UK is that you must use expensive HDMI cables with gold-plated contacts for ‘best results’ despite the signals being digital.

All TV’s should be designed to withstand expected mains voltage spikes – but it would not hurt to have additional circuit protection, just in case you have a particularly bad local supply.

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can I take it to mean that stabilizer is an extra circuit protection is it
so can I say stabilizers is also a surge protector.
If you inform.please
is surge protector different?
so only i ask
is stabilizer not surge protector


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Stabilizers may or may not provide surge protections. Those are two different but vaguely related functions. If your equipment doesn't work correctly, then try a stabilizer.

Your mains supply should not kill your appliance. Where I live the ground wire above the AC lines on the poles gets hit every couple of years. That has caused some loss and expense, so maybe something like that is a good idea for hard-to-replace equipment.

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I live in Canada where the electricity is always correct and rarely fails. Nobody here uses a stabilizer or surge arrestor.
Some threads here are from India where the stabilizer and surge arrestor are needed.