Servo delay chain with ATtiny85 - power supply question

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    Jan 30, 2016

    I am developing a simple system where a servo will copy the movement from a previous servo in a chain, adding some delay to it. I include a circuit diagram of the idea.

    -> LEDS are 3V LASER DIODES (

    At this moment, I am powering servos separately from ATtinys, but I wanted to avoid having batteries or 2 power sources due to the design of the project. So my question is if I could put all power source relying on the DC power all together IN THIS CASE.
    THE CASE is:
    I have a 5V 2A power supply. There will be at least 10 servo modules, including a micro servo, a diode laser, an ATtiny85 and a audio detector (not included on circuit). Servo gets power from its predecessor, just like I have showed on the attached picture. I still have not tested many servo modules in a row, and I am not sure how to measure how much modules I can drive within power source. Any help or hint on how to measure this currents for this kind of problem would be also useful for future projects.

    If in order to avoid the batteries, do I need to add some circuit protection for ATtiny? I am not sure if I can use lm7805 since my source is already low (5V).

    Thank you so much +u+