selection of opamp for high side shunt

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Hello Everyone,
I am trying to implement a shunt resistor on the high side.
I am finding it difficult to select the differential amplifier/opamp which amplifies the the voltage across the shunt.
Here are my requirements.
Input voltage : 150v DC.
Range of current to be measured : 0 to 50A
Vcc of opamp cannot be more than 5v

I searched many places but my main issue is the Commom mode input voltage range,
I couldn't find any opamp that can handle the high voltage.
If anybody knows of such an amplifier please share the part number.
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Linear Tech makes special purpose diff amps for this application. They might be under "power management" on their website (instead of "instrumentation amps"). A common trick is to attenuate the two signals by something like 50:1 so the DC value falls within the diff amp CM range, the crank up the diff amp gain to get the current signal back without the DC.

Another methoc is a transconductance amp that floats on the high DC voltage with an open collector PNP output stage. A scaling resistor to GND sets the output voltage / input current transfer function.



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The T.I. INA138 or INA168 are high side current sensors and there is an app note that shows how to use them at very high input voltages.