Selecting the proper P Channel Moset for a 5VDC project with a 144 Milliamp relay load

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I am using a 5VDC circuit where I need a P channel MOSFET with the following characteristics:
Drain current at least 200 ma - Drain to Source voltage at least 8 volts . I looked up NTE's datesheet and it lists several MOSFETS but the Drain to Source voltage says 55 Min or 100 Min, or 200 Min. I'm assuming (Min) means minimum? So these MOSFETS are not suitable for a 5 VDC supply? Am I reading this wrong? Can anyone help me to find a part number of a MOSFET thats meets my needs? Any help would be appreciated.


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That would be the minimum breakdown voltage... You cannot exceed that voltage on the D-S or it will damage the part, but it's possible that the breakdown voltage is higher than that value, so that's the minimum.

You need to look for a logic-level pFET. That will be your biggest issue. assuming you're switching at low duty cycles.


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I use a logic level surface mount P ch. but still easy to hand solder, FDS9435A. 30 V, 5A, 80m ohm @ -4.5V G-S.
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