Seeking advice regarding my electrical plan for my camper van

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Hi everyone
Hopefully I am not out of line posting in this forum.
I am looking for some advice planning the electrical system for my camper van. I know very little about electrical circuits and all related to it, and after 4 days of research I am still nervous to spend a lot of money and potentially burn my van to the ground. Hopefully it is legible and provides enough information, any help or advice will be very greatly appreciated! thanks so much



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Looks like you're using two batteries from one charger, all you need to do is put the 12V outputs with individual fused protection in current rated wire.
Don't be too intimidated. From your sketch it looks like you have the basics worked out. As Dodgydave said make sure you are using the correct size wire for the fuse in the circuit. Other than that your only other problem will be making sure you have solid connections. I've changed more crimp on terminals than I care to mention due to the crimp being loose and arcing. Luckily none have caused a fire, but they have melted plenty of switches.