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Hey everyone,

I looking to expand my skills and take on a real project to understand the complete development process. I want to learn how to approach this project and ensure a successful implementation.

Project Objectives:

let me outline the objectives of the Access Control System aim to build:

  1. Employee Access Management: The system should efficiently manage and control employee access to different areas within office premises. This involves defining access restrictions and permissions based on individual job roles and responsibilities. I want to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter specific zones while keeping sensitive areas secure.
  2. Attendance Tracking: Accurate attendance tracking is crucial for me. The system should record entry and exit times of employees to provide reliable attendance data. This data will serve multiple purposes, including calculating work hours, managing leaves, and generating attendance reports.
  3. Identification of Specific Doors and Entry Points: System need to identify and designate specific doors and entry points in office for access control implementation. This includes the main entrances, restricted areas (e.g., research labs, financial departments), server rooms, and management offices.

Scope Determination:

To give you a better idea of the project's scope, here are some key factors I am considering:

  1. Number of Employees (2000): With around 2000 employees in organization, the access control system must efficiently handle a significant user base while ensuring security and reliability.
  2. Attendance Tracking Requirements: Real-time attendance tracking is a must for me. I want to capture precise entry and exit times of employees and generate attendance reports for various purposes.
  3. Integration with Existing Systems: If there are any existing systems like HR management or attendance tracking, the access control system should seamlessly integrate with them to avoid redundant data management.

Functional Requirements:

Here are some key features that I expect the access control system to have:

  1. Access Levels: We need the flexibility to define different access levels or groups for employees, determining the areas they can access.
  2. Authentication Methods: Enhanced security is a priority. The system should support various authentication methods, such as card-based access or biometric recognition.
  3. Access Rights Management: Employee roles and responsibilities may change over time. Therefore, I need a system that allows to easily manage access rights and permissions.
  4. Reporting Capabilities: Robust reporting functionality is essential. I want to be able to generate attendance reports, access logs, and security audit trails effectively.

As I begin working on this project, I'm eager to learn about your experiences and insights as developers. What development process would you suggest for building an Access Control System like this?

Your guidance and advice will be highly appreciated



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The access controls seem more typical of a prison than an office! Have you considered what HR and safety legislation you may have to comply with, e.g. concerning provision of emergency exits for all employees, ease of access for people with disabilities?