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Searches are still a bit clunky. For example, in the Blogs section, there is a search button, but it searches the entire site. There are over 400 blogs. How does one search for blogs by a specific member?



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I just went to the forum search ...

There was a tab to search BLOG entries.

Upon clicking that, the next page had keywords, members name (or multiple members), and newer than which I took was a date field.

I just did a search on millman with hgmjr as the member. I got one result.

I did a search on 555 with Bill_Marsden and Georacer. I got Bill's three blogs and nothing from Georacer.

The Search Blog Entries seems to work ok.


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JoeJester, thank you.
I just tried it as you said and it works, the problem was that I didn't get into the page to find the function for "Search Blog Entries".

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Thanks. I was using the search tool on the upper right when on the blog page. The "search forums" tab is only available while on the Forums tab, so I too missed it. John


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To do an advanced search you click on the search on the top right and then on more.
A new page will open with a couple of tabs on top for the kind of search you want to do.
One of the tabs is a blog search.
You can give the search-words, name and a newer than date in the three lines.

I noticed that the search will not work on my linux PC in QupZilla and Konquerer.
The search does work in Opera and Firefox.