SCR's question for a Class Report

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Hey guys, been using AAC for a few years now, but this is my first post. The reason I'm posting today is because I feel like the report im about to write is a bit over my head. I just read the section on SCR's which by the way was excellent. However I'm looking at the paper my teacher handed out and the stuff he wants us to include on the paper are a few question I'm not sure how to answer.

First question, he asked us to comment on the range and adjustability of the circuit. I feel I was able to get a paragraph out of that on my own.
Then this is where I began to have some trouble.
He asked if the circuit could be used in an open loop controller, and explain why or why not?
Suggest methods to use the negative half of the waveform?
Can this circuit be used for a DC power control and last suggest an application this type of controller can be used for.

I was able to answer the rest with about a paragraph each. I'm not asking for answer but maybe to be educated a bit more than I was able to read. Im going to attach a picture of the circuit we build on the proto board.

Thanks a ton if anyone could help out with this!