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    Jul 12, 2016
    I currently work with an instrument which I need to build a calibration unit for.

    The board needs to control
    3 on/off 24v valves
    A 240vac heating element and a thermocouple via a temperature control box
    3 mass flow controllers which have 24v input and 5v vake control

    In the passed I have controlled all the elements separately and used a 240v power supply and a 24v supply and - 5v supply

    I have also used daqfactory to control the signalling

    My question is can anyone help with an electronic design to use one 240v input to control all voltages in the setup and also if an arduino or raspberry pi can easily be programmed to control and possibly log the voltages/positioning of the mass flow controllers, valves and temperature

    If anyone need more info please email me (e-mail address removed) and I can provide more info or a basic diagram of the proposed hardware setup



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    Neither Arduino boards nor Pi have enough storage to act as data logger.

    If you want something portable, you can add sd card reader and store data on sd card.
    If you don't need portable, you can send data to pc and put it into Excel, then you can do anything you want to it: