How to wire/control speed of LW Scientific M24 Centrifuge Motor?

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Hello everyone,

How would you go about wiring this LW Scientific M24 Centrifuge Motor to control the speed? This is the link to the motor -

I believe it is a brushed universal AC motor. It has 4 wires. Two appear to be for each brush and the remaining two for each armature coil. Can you control it by using a voltage regulator AC speed controller such as this one? -,aps,122&sr=8-8. Would you simply wire an open ended power cord, such as this one -,aps,81&sr=8-4, to the 4 wires of the motor and plug the 3 prong end into the speed controller?

If the voltage regulator is usable, how would you go about wiring it?

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Put the brushes in series with the field windings, so connect the Yellow and White together, and put the mains into the Red and Blue wires, to reverse motor swap the Blue and Yellow wires.


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It looks like thats a replacement part for a machine. I think it might be a universal motor, looking at it the red and white might be a thermister and the yellow and blue your live and neutral connection. Assuming I'm correct than I would find a place to bolt the ground to and you should be able to connect hot and neutral to the blue and yellow wires and that speed controller would work. The controller you show is just a small variac to it should work for speed control. I couldn't find on the website a datasheet or anything, which is why you're here it looks like. Its really hard to say for sure without a datasheet.
If this is a replacement part than you shouldn't be rewiring it. Based on the plug it plugs into a controller in the machine its supposed to be in. More information on the application would be helpful. Depending on what the application is there may be a better solution.


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First, welcome to AAC.
Put the brushes in series with the field windings

Then plug it in. IF you want the motor to spin the other direction; follow Dave's advice. It really is that easy.

The green wire gets connected to the motor body. That's earth ground. It protects you from getting a nasty shock. And worse.


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The fact that is does not state AC or DC for the motor also the 12krpm rating puts it in the Universal (AC/DC) category.
The controller shown is most likely a Triac controller which should work, although the voltage is different to that of the motor.?
The fact that a Universal motor essentially operates in a run-away condition probably is an asset in a centrifuge! ;)